September 21, 2005

Best you might've missed It's back! After a hiatus of a couple of weeks, here again is my regular posting of links to articles and resources I found useful or interesting. I offer an expanded issue to make up for the lag. Organizations, general It's Not About You. Leadership is all about the people who work for you, say Jack Welch and Robert Joss, dean in the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Beware Bashing Bloggers. A good look at implications of a heavy-handed blogging policy at organizations. Worklife Idea Generation Methods. One man's collection of every idea generation method he's come across in the last 15 years. (Thanks, Fast Company blog.) How to Manage Your Manager. CNN/Money provides these five helpful tips. Remaining Cool in the Cube. Rules for surviving the cube-farm. David Allen Getting Things Done seminar. An online recording of a recent seminar from the productivity guru. (Thanks, Lifehacker.) Emergent learning Cybertroops Keep War Games Real. The U.S. military is linking live training exercises with virtual ones to create highly sophisticated simulations. E-learning/learning technology Shared Space after-conference. Audio and video recordings of great presentations from The Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning. Includes remarks from such heavy-hitters as Mark Prensky, Gloria Gery, William Horton, and Allison Rossett. E-Learning: A Progress Report. A look at the success of e-learning projects in the U.S. government. Usability Testing for E-Learning. Usability testing can address some of the problems learners experience with online courses. Open Source, Open Standards. "Free license software is becoming more popular for the general public and military training applications--and companies--could benefit from adopting free license software." Learning, general CNN Newsroom in the Midst of Katrina--Rapid Development, Content Objects, Learning Implications. Learning guru Elliot Masie happened to be visiting the CNN Newsroom on August 30th. He reports on the learning implications of what he saw develop there. Do Talk to Strangers: Encouraging Performative Ties to Create Competitive Advantage. "..what gives firms competitive advantage [is] their use and encouragement of so-called 'performative ties'--those impromptu communications made by colleagues who are strangers in which critical knowledge is transferred with no expectation of a quid pro quo." Why Office Design Matters. An excerpt from Thinking for a Living: How to Get Better Performance and Results from Knowledge Workers. How to Optimize Organizational Learning. Clark Aldrich's latest version of his comprehensive learning model. Brain research Human Brains Enjoy Ongoing Evolution. "New variants of two genes that control brain development have swept through much of the human population during the last several thousand years, biologists have found." Misc. is Aboard the Katrina Jobs Train. The jobs megasite has set up a special site for Katrina survivors and those who want to work in a job aiding the reconstruction. Gloria Gery. A nice tribute from Jay Cross and Tony O'Driscoll to one of the pillars of the t+d field.

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