September 29, 2005

Best you might've missed Happy weekend, all. Here is my semi-regular list of links and resources that you might find useful and/or intriguing. Work life Report: Job Security Improving, Work-Life Balance Is More Difficult. "...U.S. companies are perceived as being responsible for an increasingly poor work-life balance for employees, putting their workers at risk of burnout, even while a stronger economy enables greater corporate growth levels." Pursuing the Dream. "What would be your dream job? If money were not a consideration, what would you do?" Fast Track Yourself. "What follows is the blueprint for fast tracking yourself. There are no secrets to this, it's pretty straighforward. The hardest part, frankly, is just having the patience to follow through with your plan." Be your Own Mentor. Having trouble finding someone to mentor you? Use these tips to mentor yourself! Organizations The 10 Faces of Innovation. "In an exclusive book excerpt from the general manager of Ideo, we meet the personality types it takes to keep creativity thriving--and the devil's advocate at bay." A Look at the Future of Organizations. A reaction to a list by blogger Dave Pollard, on what organizations of the future should look like. Leadership Lessons From Leadership Failures. Two Wharton faculty members and a former Wharton official look at the leadership mistakes made after Hurricane Katrina. Warning--some may not agree with their criticisms. The 'Masculine' and 'Feminine' Sides of Leadership and Culture: Perception vs. Reality. "Workers' general notions about the effectiveness of male and female managers can be as important as their actual leadership abilities or business results..." AchieveGlobal Report: New Supervisors Face Greater Challenges. Includes a list of important training needs for new supervisors. Knowledge management E-Learning vs. Knowledge Management. Thoughts from an attendee at a training conference. Motivating Workers By Giving Them a Vote. Creating communities of practice with elected leaders can help encourage workers to share knowledge and expertise. Brain science Are We Getting Smarter or Dumber? How is technology affecting human intelligence? For more on tools developed by Posit Science, see my June Intelligence column (free registration required). Fun Good for a laugh or 10. Some of these, like Cube Farm, you may have heard before. Others, like Chainsaw Consultant, may be new. The Power of Play at Work. Some good ideas on how to bring fun to your office. Misc. How to Go From Introvert to Extrovert. A really interesting blog post on overcoming shy tendancies, including practical steps. Also check out the reader comments--lots of good info there too.

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