July 08, 2005

Best you might've missed Happy weekend, everyone. Here are this week's links and resources that caught my eye. Emergent Learning Velocity of Learning. A free presentation by Elliot Masie on his Learning 2005 website. Being There Without Being There. An overview of some online meeting and collaboration tools. "What Can You Learn From a Cell Phone? Almost Anything!" A thorough article on mobile learning from guru Mark Prensky, with many concrete examples. E-Learning Borrowing from Business to Improve E-Learning. "Adopting an innovative approach to e-learning, the Ped-Care project has applied business techniques to education, creating a system that not only aids students but also reduces the burden on teachers." Educational Theory Freedom and Empowerment: An Essay on the Next Step for Education and Technology. Traditional education was developed based on the factory model. What will education look like in the new era of technology? This article discusses a few ideas. (Requires free registration.) Offices Just a Minute, Boss. My Cell Phone is Ringing. What is or should be the etiquette for cell phones at work? Open Office Plans Might Not Be So Productive After All. This makes more sense to me than the opposite theory. From the Future of Work Weblog. Stereotyping Your Office. What does your office say about you? Fascinating. Organizations/HR Getting New Managers Up to Speed. How to jump-start the success of new managers, from Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge. Online Resumes Turn Risky. An important warning: Posting resumes online can lead to identity theft.

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