July 18, 2005

Best you might've missed I'm out of the office tomorrow, so I'm posting this week's list of links a day early. Here's what caught my attention in the last week. Emergent Technology Bloggers Need Not Apply. If being fired for blogging isn't enough, bloggers are also being disqualified for jobs on the basis of their blogs. I can see both sides of this issue--it's a tricky one. Learning by Doing book review. E-learningguru.com reviews Clark Aldrich's new book on educational simulations. Also see this interview of Aldrich. E-Learning The Economy of E-Learning. Stephen Downes answers the question, Where is there money to be made in e-learning these days? Strategic E-Learning Implementation. "The reality is that realizing effectiveness, access and efficiency gains requires coordination of development and changes in systems...what might strategic e-learning coordination look like?" Learning Objects: A Rose by Any Other Name. "Over the last three years, the buzz in educational technology circles has shifted from, What are learning objects? to, Whatever happened to learning objects?" Workplace Learning Vertex: The Online Journal of Adult and Workforce Education. A new publication that looks like it has some good articles and resources. A Framework for the "Entrepreneurial" Learner of the 21st Century. "The proposed theoretical framework suggests a relationship between the entrepreneurial personality...with success and persistence in the academic environment." The Workplace GTD: A New Cult for the Info Age. If you're not sure what the whole Getting Things Done phenomenon is all about, this is a good primer from Wired News. Also see A Guide to Getting Things Done. Global Outlook The New International Style of Management. "Today's transnational road warriors and the businesses they work for are forging an international style of business, say Harvard Business School faculty and alumni. Do you speak their language?" India Poised for Higher Growth in Knowledge Economy. "...the country can increase its economic productivity and the well-being of its population by making more effective use of knowledge."

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